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Image Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_Film_Palme_d%27Or

People think it is easy to make a short film. Because it has contents only for few minutes but actually it also not less than any feature film. The same effort or same creativity is required to make any short film because within a few minutes you have to introduce the characters, develop the story brings up the climax and resolution. The short film is a category of film, which has the same spirit that of a feature film but only the time duration is smaller as compared to a feature film.

The biggest film ceremony Cannes film festival 2021, among 3739 entries only 10 short film selected to compete Palme d’Or award. Such as “North Pole” directed by Marija Apcevska, “Displaced” directed by Samir Karahoda, “In the Soil” directed by Casper Kjeldsen, “Orthodontics” directed by Mohammadreza Mayghani, “The Right Words” directed by Adrian Moyse Dullin, “Through the Haze” directed by Diogo Salgado, “Sideral” directed by Carlos Segundo, “All the Crows in the World” directed by Tang Yi, “August Sky” directed by Jasmin Tenucci, and “Absence” directed by Wu Lang.

Among all this 10 short film only one won the Palme D’Or award that is “All the Crows in the World” directed by Hong Kong director Tang Yi. This short film is of 14 minutes duration. This film is shot and set in Mainland China. The story is a 18 years old student called Shengnam who is invited by her cusins mysterious party and as she arrives few aged men surround by. They manage to escape the party and makes an adventurous night in the adult world.