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SMALL COUNTRIES, BIG IMPACTS Nalin Bera - July 20, 2021

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/BalticEvent/

The Short Film Production Ecosystem of the Baltics, three Baltic states hold the Baltic Film Industry. It is a collaboration with Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. It is a small film industry but their innovative creation makes their industry stronger, huge, and impactful that seen in today's world film industry.

Especially it is grabbing success stories continuously on the short film fiction, documentaries, and animation films for the last couple of years. They produce approximately 50 short films each year and every year they are increasing their numbers because of the international sales agent. Not only they are increasing the production, but also their works are being screened throughout the world over 50 festivals, example the film “Dummy” which became the first Lithuanian short film that was premiered in Berlin and it was screened at Berlinanle shorts in 2020 and currently runs in more than 40 festivals screen. “Matilda and the Spare Head” another children's animation film has more than 50 festivals screening it, and many more films that make the Baltic film industry feel proud every year.